About Angie and Ruby

164Angie is a professional copywriter and single mom to a 9-year old daughter, Ruby.

Ruby loves macaroni and cheese, is obsessed with Elmo and she has the ability to light up a room with her breathtaking smile. Ruby was born with a rare genetic constellation of microcephaly, micropthalmia and apple-peel atresia. At just 40 precious pounds and 3.5 feet tall, her peanut size makes her adorable in each and every way. But don’t let her small size fool you — this girl is fearless and strong. For Ruby’s complete story, click here.

Angie is not really interested so much in genetic syndromes, growth charts or doctor’s predictions. Instead, she gives Ruby lots of love, plus ample opportunities to learn – and most importantly, she has heaps of faith. She has found these qualities to be the best predictor of Ruby’s success.

You can reach Angie at raregemsblog@gmail.com.

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