Never fear the unknown

It’s been a long time since I’ve written here. There are a multitude of reasons, ranging from our lives being quite uneventful, to me feeling tapped out and uninspired. There’s also a bit of pressure when it comes to sharing your life on the internet — you want to make sure it’s actually worth sharing.

Yesterday, something happened that really made me think hard about how important that it is for me to share Ruby’s story with the world. I received a message from Ruby’s previous PCA April, who has now become a wonderful family friend. She told me that her daughter Karli had been assigned to write a paper about someone who changed her life — and she had chosen Ruby.

A couple of hours later, I received an email from April with Karli’s paper attached, and immediately, the tears started flowing as I read Karli’s sweet words about how Ruby helped to change her perspective of people with special needs. The maturity, tolerance and compassion of this 12-year-old girl really shows me that when kids have parents who explain special needs to them and expose them to people who are different than them, only good things can come from it. April is an outstanding mother and she has raised a truly amazing girl.

I asked April if she would mind if I shared Karli’s story on my blog, and she immediately said yes. I hope you’re as inspired by it as I was. ~ Angie


In 2008 I was blessed to have have met a 4 year old

special needs little girl, that my mom worked with, by the

name of Ruby. Ruby has Microcephaly, a condition that

means small brain and grows at a slower rate. She also

has a vision impairment which makes it difficult for her to


Before I met Ruby, I hate to admit this, but I was

scared of handicap or special people. I dont really know

why? Maybe it was just the fear of the unknown and not

knowing what they might do.

After meeting Ruby my views on special needs

people completely changed. I used to feel sorry for

special needs kids and feared adults but after meeting

Ruby and seeing how happy she is about life everyday, I

no longer felt afraid or sorry for her, I started to

understand her.

Ruby wakes up everyday with a smile and wants food

and Elmo. She loves watching Sesame Street and always

wants me to sing the songs with her or to her.

“Karli sing it” she says.

“ La la la la Elmlo’s World” I repeat.

“ Ha ha ha!” she laughs.

I’ve never met anyone who can laugh so much and who is

so adored by all around her and who meet her. My mom

read me a story that Ruby’s mom, Angie wrote about how

the doctors told her Ruby would have all these

complications at birth and during her growth. The doctors

told her that Ruby might not live a few days after her birth

but her mom felt different and kept her faith in Ruby and

now look at where Ruby is today, because she had a

mom who chose to believe in her and not fear the


Today Ruby is a happy healthy 3rd grader who

surpassed all the doctors expectations of her. She is still

very small for her age but she is fearless, happy and

loved by her family, my family and all that are blessed to

know her.

This I believe, never fear the unknown or avoid a person

because they’re different from you, that very difference

allowed me to meet my best friend and view special

needs people in a different way. I now understand that

they are all very unique and blessed in their own way and

should never be feared.


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