Ruby using her new iPad

Yesterday, I bought Ruby an iPad. After reading several articles on how user-friendly the iPad is for children and adults with visual impairments, I was sold.

In this video, she is using the free Smart Baby App My First Words. This is the first time she is using it independently. It took only a minute to teach her how to swipe the screen to change the flash cards. She does periodically bump the screen with her nose, which causes the flash cards to advance, but I will work with her on keeping her face back far enough from the screen so this happens less frequently.

I am so excited about the potential that the iPad could have for Ruby once she learns how to use it. Stay tuned for a longer review once we get more opportunities to use it!

How does your child use his/her iPad? Leave your ideas below!


4 thoughts on “Ruby using her new iPad

  1. Oh my gosh!!! I LOVED seeing Ruby using that! An iPad will HAVE to go on our want list. Angie, she’s so beautiful. It looks like she loves that thing and she sounds simply adorable. Thank you for sharing!!

  2. Shiloh would LOVE an iPad, too, Suzanne! It’s so intuitive and simple to use, and there’s lots of free educational apps. Wish you lived closer so Shiloh could try it out!

    • Hi Barbara — You’re totally right. She’s trying to get it close so she can see it better. This works great with her portable DVD player but the iPad is so sensitive to touch that her little nose causes crazy things to happen. I think with a little practice, she’ll get that she has to be just a little further back with the iPad. šŸ™‚

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