Paperwork: the bain of my existence

Last night, as I was trying to find an important document for some paperwork that I need to fill out for Ruby, I found myself knee deep in a slew of old bills, medical records, IEP reports, receipts, PCA timecards, paystubs, reports from Ruby’s ABT therapists, the deed to my house (WTH?!?!) and a bunch of other stuff I had allowed to pile up. Instead of filing away these papers in an orderly fashion, I bought a 3-tiered letter basket a year ago and used the following very unorganized system: bills I need to pay and paperwork I need to fill out ASAP on tier one, Ruby’s art projects and school stuff on tier 2 and everything else in tier 3. Also, I have multiple magazine files that I’ve used to hide away the overflow from tier 3 over the course of the past year. I have a huge file cabinet that is very organized, but I haven’t updated it since 2007! Needless to say, my files are a mess. Things need to be shredded and organized. Clearly, I’ve been dedicating too much time to clean floors and not enough time on clean files.

Last night as I was scrambling to find one elusive piece of paper amongst the many locations where I’ve stashed all of this crap paperwork, I ran into old coupons, postcards from local businesses, unopened mail and other extremely annoying things that I had saved for no reason whatsoever. Looking at the massive piles of paper makes me feel like an utter failure and saps my will to live. And it seems like I always need to locate these important pieces of paper at THE most inconvenient times under tight deadlines.

Over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to dedicate as much time as it takes to get our files in order so that I can regain some sense of control over the madness. My goal is to start a system that I can easily keep up regardless of how hectic our lives get.

Do you have a filing system that works great for you? A really simple way of keeping track of your child’s medical records? Please share your suggestions below!


3 thoughts on “Paperwork: the bain of my existence

  1. In the UK we have a support file given to us called the Family File. It is really handy and although it may not be perfect in terms of jargon etc, I think it could be really useful for you for your filing and getting a start on it. You can then begin to tailor it to the girls.
    Can you send me your home mail address by email as I have a spare one so I can send it to you in the post

  2. Laura — you read my mind today. I am going to scan in all of our documents this weekend and upload them to either google docs or evernote so I can access them anywhere. I think this is a critical moment in obtaining sanity for me. Do you still keep hard copies or trash them?

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